Saturday, January 16, 2016

Thanksgiving 2015

 We had a great Thanksgiving this year.  Dinner at my Moms.  It was fun to have Grandma Jensen join us.  The kids loved having Thanksgiving with both of their Grandma's in one place. 

I sure love these cute kids

This shot made me smile, Emma loves to pose

Emma with Grandma in the kitchen

Alan with his Mom

The Duvall's

The kids with their Grandma's

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Halloween 2015

 Halloween 2015 was a lot of fun.  We had the church Trunk or Treat a week before Halloween, the kids loved the games and cake walk.  Trunk or treating is always fun for them.  They had enjoyed eating hot dogs and nachos for dinner, we were happy to enjoy some chili. 
They were able to dress up for school for a parade and the twins had a class party where they made several crafts and played some games.  Friday night we decided to skip the school party but Alan went to it to work to earn some money for Bryce's science camp next month.  Saturday we had Trinity over to practice with Emma for their number in the school talent show and then got dressed up for Trick or Treating.  The kids just went on our court and came home with full bags of candy since we get so few kids.  We had two sets of kids stop, but less then 10 kids total, kind of sad.  We then decided to go check out this house that goes all out for Star Wars.  It was fun but way too crowded for our liking.  We stayed about 5 minutes and came home.  It was a great year overall, and I am already thinking about costumes for next year.

Emma got to have her class pet during Halloween and was excited to find a super hero cape and mask for him.

My cute Hansel and Gretel

Attack of the zombie

Gavin hamming it up

Emma showing off her costume

Bryce trying to eat Gavin

The twins made these cute sugar skulls for Day of the Dead in Spanish class

Gavin sneaking a taste, its pure sugar

Our Plants Vs. Zombies zombie

Gavin at his class party

Emma with her bff Trinity

The cute owl cupcakes at their class party

In line for the Star Wars house

With one of the x-wing fighters

Happy Halloween 2015, Thanksgiving here we come.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

First day of School 2015

 Its hard to believe how fast time is passing and how quickly these kids are seeming so grown up.  Bryce is now officially a middle schooler, how is that possible?  They love their teachers and classes.  Luckily they had a boot camp the day before school so Bryce could feel confident with finding all his classes.  The twins started this year with a long term sub until Christmas where they will then have two teachers who are going to job share and each work 2.5 days a week.  It will be interesting to see how this all works, but we know they are great teachers so we are not super worried.  We know its going to be a good year.

Summer 2015

 We had a fun summer.  We did not do any major trips, but we had lots of fun days.  9 weeks went by pretty fast.  Its hard to believe how quickly the kids are growing up. 

Just a cute shot of the twins loving each other

We did our first Relay for Life.  the kids got these cute beanie babies from the Elks lodge and loved them

For some reason they decided the beanies were more fun to carry on their heads

Bryce with his Squirrel

Gavin chose a kangaroo

Emma loved her pug

1 mile was a long walk for the kids, but they hung in and finished

A fun day at the water park

Emma finished the summer reading game first and got her medal and got to get a Ramona book

Gavin was second.  He chose a silly Star Wars book.  Bryce also finished the program, they got raffle tickets but he did not want his picture taken.  Unfortunately he did not win anything.

Debbie came to visit and we had fun going to a movie

We took the kids on a tour of our hometown and some spots we had lived in.  Then we had a yummy Chinese food lunch and a visit to Kennedy Park. 

Riding the train, always a favorite part of the day

Bryce enjoyed a second year of swimming, here he is with his best friend Crewe

Bryce made some huge improvements this year and finally got some first place ribbons in his heats

Alan took the kids to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

We had a fun water park day with Judy and Kyle and the twins in Sunnyvale

Stopping for a picnic with Alan on the way home

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Lock of Love

 I was so proud of Emma.  I had been trying to convince her to trim her long hair but she just wanted to let it grow.  I saw something on Locks of Love and told Emma how people donate their hair and people make wigs for kids who have had cancer or Alopecia.  She got so excited and wanted to donate immediately.  About that time we heard our friend's salon was doing a special hair donation day.  She sort of patiently waited about 7 weeks for the big day to arrive.  She was so excited for it all.
Hugging Gavin right before we were heading to the salon, I sure love these cute twins

Last picture of that long hair, I will miss it in some ways but not the tangles

Ready to head out to the salon

Emma waiting for her turn, waiting by the raffle table

She was asked if she wanted to donate 8" or 10", we had planned for 8, but she chose to go all the way with 10" of hair.

Last shot before it got cut.

So cute already

All done

Holding up her hair to donate, which by the way grossed her out for some reason

Emma won a basket in the raffle, she was thrilled and Shauna sent it with balloons. 
It was a very happy day for Emma.